Welcome to Dominant Women/Masculine Submissives and Switches in NYC

The Reason This Group Exists

After about a year in the scene and attending and enjoying all sorts of Dominant Women’s groups all of which are great and fulfill a need, I came to realize that there was one sort of group missing.

Dominant Women and Masculine or Alpha Submissives.

In talking to many Dominant Women and Submissive Men about the idea of this group I decided to jump in and take a chance carving out a space for those that are missing and want this type of friendship/relationship.

Here is a group that honors the Queen or Goddess within each woman and honors the Knight who offers his strength, intelligence and spirit to the Queen as her Champion.

Sir Lancelot.

There is no discrimination in this group. Any man or woman who identifies with this type of ideal is free to join us at any time.

There is no discrimination here against men who chose a different type of submission. We find nothing wrong with men who enjoy feminization, sissy, slave or other types of submission. In fact I myself find much of that wonderful and personally honor it. The man who brought me into BDSM is a Cross Dresser.

We meet once a month at a Munch and once a month at a party. We try to have the dates coordinate. At this time we are mixing with DSF at their demos and events.

At this time we are using Paddles in NYC as our meeting place because of its equipment and location.

This group on Fetlife is up for discussions along any and all topics concerning Masculine or Alpha Submission, Knighthood, Chivalry and The Submission of the body, mind and soul of this type of man to his Queen and Goddess.

Lady Casandra Moon


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